MOD3 is passionate about good design with experience across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, we have experience across a range of typologies. Our philosophy revolves around delivering responsible, insightful, intuitive and pragmatic building design solutions. Whether you are looking to add or alter your existing home or build a new home. Our team would love to find out about your project and develop a design right for you.


From mood boards through to detailed documentation, we seek to provide?creative and?sensitive solutions, adopting luxurious and balanced finishes to deliver a unique and responsive design. With a focused attention to detail our team will ensure a quality approach to give you the best outcome.


By meticulously selecting furniture, art, objects and styling, we will complete your space. Taking the time to get to know you, we will make sure that our selections best fits your space and your lifestyle. We can assist with initial consultations to discuss potential changes, all the way through to a full styling package. Including selecting, procuring and placing new furniture, art and objects in your space. Additionally, we will share our trade discount with our clients to give you a competitive price.


We combine our extensive architectural and interior design experience to ensure we can tick all the boxes when it comes to designing your home. We take into consideration the site?s context, as well as the client?s needs to develop a functional and well-designed, sensitive, insightful space.


Initial Briefing

The first step is to fully understand the projects objectives and parameters. We will come to site to initially meet with you. We will go through with you what you would like and make suggestion on what we think will be the most feasible way to achieve it. The first hour of the initial meeting is free and this should give us enough time for us to get a good idea of the brief. If you would like to discuss the project beyond this initial hour and delve into design questions, we are happy to do so, and will charge hourly rates beyond the first hour.

Preliminary Work

Before we begin, we will research the property to understand the site?s conditions to ensure a smooth process throughout the project. This information will help us understand the brief and what steps will need to be taken moving forward.

Concept Design

In this phase we will flesh out the big thinking, what is special about your project and how it is captured conceptually. Externally, the architectural form will start to shape and the design intent will be established. We will conceive the rough layout and determine the flow and movement of the interior. The conceptual design will be presented through sketches and inspirational imagery.

Design Development

Once we have signed off the concept, we will develop these ideas into detailed spaces. By producing this preliminary drawing package you will get a clear understanding of the full exterior and interior design of the building. ?We will present this package to you for the final sign off before commencing to the next stage.

Town Planning

If planning approval is required, we can manage this process for you by lodging documentation and liaising with council, answering any technical questions they might have. By project managing the whole process we will aim to get through it as fast and as pain free as possible.

Construction Documentation

The design development package will be worked up into a set of construction drawings. These drawings will be used by the builder on site. The package will include technical drawings, details, schedules and specifications. This set of documentation will also be used to source a builder in the tender phase.

Tender Phase

Through the tender phase we will assist in selecting a number of builders to approach and invite them to put forward a fee for your build. Managing the process, we will review the fee proposals to be able to make a confident recommendation on which builder will be right for your job. This process will ensure you get a competitive price and a thorough understanding of what the final product will be.

Construction Phase

Throughout the process of construction, many hurdles can arise and not everyone will feel comfortable managing their own build and making sure it all goes to plan. We can help iron out the kinks that pop up along the way by keeping an eye on things and responding to builder queries. We will ensure it is built as per the documentation that has been approved, and to a satisfactory standard.

Furniture, Object & Styling

You?ve completed the design process, have a set of drawings and a builder ready to go. But what happens once it?s built? Does your existing couch fit in your new living room or is your dining table the right style? Furniture and styling is the icing on the cake. It can be overwhelming completing a build and then not knowing what to put in it. Our designers have been on the journey with you, if anyone understands your new home, it?s them. They also know the latest interior products and trends. We can assist find the right fit that will display your home in the best possible way. We will help you make your house a home through consultation, selecting, procuring and styling. Additionally, we will share any trade discounts with you so you know you are getting a good price on any new pieces you purchase.