MOD3 is passionate about good design, no matter the budget or the time frame. MOD3 Style is a service created to accommodate clients looking to start their design journey ? without the intensity of a bespoke, full-fledged interior design service. It is a way to dip your toes into design, with a supportive community helping you along the way.

Whether you are selling and want to give your property a face-lift before putting it on the market, or have just bought and want to start your renovating dreams, our team of qualified and experienced interior designers are here to help.

Our team will simplify the overwhelming choices of renovating, and kick-start your creative process.


Trust is a crucial component in any renovation, no matter the scale of the project.?

MOD3 Style works closely with a trusted group of suppliers and trades to be able to give you the assurance you need. We have taken the time to build relationships, and know the quality of your local suppliers.

Our team will also ensure that all suppliers and trades communicate with one another. After visiting a showroom, the supplier will send back the information from your selection to MOD3 to keep on your file. Offering you piece of mind that your renovation is organised.


Initial half an hour Meeting:?

In detail explanation of the process
Suggestions of services
Capturing the brief

Finishes Consultation:

At our first meeting we will ask you a series of questions to find out exactly what you would like done, and suggest the services we believe will give you the best outcome for your time and budget.??

Choosing our finishes consultation service we will present to you our prepared schemes in a 2 hour consultation. In this session we will discuss at length about your options and finalise your selections of hard and soft finishes, paint colours and door fixtures.?

After our meeting we will package up your samples for you to keep. We will also give you a shopping list including product details, supplier details and prices of your selection. A document you can take with you to your selected suppliers.

From here, depending on what you would like to do we can offer a range of further services. Or if you would prefer to take the next steps on your own, you will have your shopping list and samples to keep for your personal use.

2 Hour Consultation Includes:?

Presentation of options to assist with your selections

A sample pack including your finalised selection

A shopping list of your finalised selection that includes:
Product specifications
Supplier contact details
Product prices

All the information you will require to take to your selected suppliers


2 hours finishes consultation? – $350?+ GST
Existing Furniture & Accessories Styling – Min 2 hrs?@ $180?+ GST
Shopping for furniture and accessories styling – Half day – $700?+ GST, Full day – $1200?+ GST
Supplier Coordination – Min 2 hours?@ $120?+ GST